Exploring The Extensive Range of Staffing Services Offered By Staffing Agencies in Reno

15 July 2023
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Recruiting the ideal individuals to join a company's team, regardless of size, is time-consuming. Business owners often face the challenge of allocating precious time away from their primary responsibilities to sift through applications, conduct interviews, and negotiate salaries. This can impede the company's long-term growth. Many employers partner with staffing companies to overcome this hurdle, streamlining the process by providing talented candidates to fill vacant positions. This collaboration significantly reduces the time and effort required to find the perfect employees.

The staffing, recruiting, and employment solutions industry plays a crucial role in the U.S. economy, serving organizations across various sectors. Before the pandemic, staffing agencies annually facilitated employment and career opportunities for approximately 16 million individuals (13.6 million during the pandemic).

Given the increasing appeal of partnering with staffing agencies, it is essential to grasp their comprehensive range of services. This guide will delve into the extensive array of services provided by staffing agencies, enabling a deeper understanding of their capabilities.

Continue reading to explore the diverse spectrum of services that staffing agencies provide.

What is a Staffing Agency?

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When a company has a specific position to fill, it frequently relies on the expertise of staffing agencies Reno to locate qualified candidates. These agencies act as recruiters on behalf of businesses, sourcing candidates for various types of employment arrangements. These include temporary positions with a defined start and finish date, temp-to-hire roles where candidates are initially hired temporarily to evaluate their suitability for permanent positions, and direct-hire placements where the staffing agency serves as the primary employer.

If the recruiting firm doesn't already have a qualified applicant, it will post an advert on Indeed and other employment sites where potential candidates are likely to search. Agencies can establish direct contact with qualified prospects through sites like LinkedIn that enable filtered job searches. This approach is particularly effective when recruiting specialized experts with high-value and in-demand skill sets.  

The staffing firm follows a standard application process, which includes conducting interviews and performing background checks, like any other employment scenario. Unless it's a direct hire situation, selected candidates will become staffing agency employees. The agency takes responsibility for issuing compensation and providing applicable perks to these employees. However, the hiring company determines the duration for which the employee will hold the position.

Primary Responsibilities of a Reno Staffing Agency

A staffing agency Reno offers businesses end-to-end staffing solutions. They aren't the same as placement services or paid search services. Consequently, they have unique obligations to fulfill.

Here, we'll talk briefly about what duties staffing services perform on behalf of their clients.

  • Possess a thorough understanding of the workload requirements of client businesses.
  • Analyze and determine how many people are needed and try to satisfy those needs.
  • Having multiple interviews for potential applicants and eliminating those who don't cut.
  • Create legal documents and watch out for potential problems.
  • Provide specific information regarding each individual's probable prospects and background history.
  • Carry out training just in case there are any skill deficiencies.
  • Conducting consistent checks on the progress and output of temporary employees.

Complete List of Services to Expect From a Staffing Agency

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Let's look at the type of agencies that offer these services before we learn about the various services made available by a staffing agency. The list of employment agencies types is as follows:

  • Contingency employment agency
  • Traditional employment agencies
  • Retained search firm
  • Executive search firm
  • Temp agencies

The following is a list of the services that a staffing agency provides:

  1. Contingency Search

If your company has an open job vacancy, it is worth considering engaging a staffing agency to conduct a search on a contingency basis. Staffing agencies typically charge a separate fee for each successful placement, often based on a percentage of the new hire's salary.

Discussing the terms with the staffing agency regarding potential reimbursements or replacements if the hired employee ceases employment within a predetermined timeframe is advisable. This ensures that you are prepared for such situations and can potentially negotiate for a price reduction or replacement candidate if needed.

  1. Agreement Recruiting

If your company requires multiple salespeople and has unique responsibilities for a contractor role, a staffing firm can help you recruit an HR professional to fulfill this full-time position.

The HR representative will primarily work on-site at your company's premises, even though they are contracted through the staffing agency. The staffing agency and the agreement enrollment specialist will typically be paid based on an agreed-upon hourly rate, regardless of the number of candidates identified and enrolled for your company.

When a company lacks sufficient human resources personnel but requires prompt assistance, agreement recruitment is sometimes used as an alternative to contingency searches. This approach allows for the swift onboarding of a qualified professional to fulfill the necessary responsibilities.

  1. Freelance or Potential Contract Assistance

This is the same as hiring temporary staff; however, architects, innovation specialists, and other executives will typically refer to themselves as contractors or freelance workers. Temp Agency Reno readily helps supply these workers on an as-needed basis.

  1. Administrative Support

In this scenario, the client company takes over the use of a whole facility (e.g., a call center or a sorting room) for a set period. When a company decides it is not interested in dealing with a specific area of business and can find a staffing firm that possesses the necessary expertise, this type of management works exceptionally well for the client company.

  1. Outsourcing the Hiring Process (RPO)

RPO suggests that a staffing company handles the entire process of choosing candidates for a particular skill level. An organization might reassign the hiring of care workers while choosing internal candidates for administrative and call center roles.

This enables the company's directors and HR employees to concentrate on its core business while ensuring a pool of qualified candidates for all roles.

  1. Temporary Help

This is what many people think of when they hear about staffing companies. With this type of management, a staffing company signs up, interviews, and engages workers to create a large group of qualified candidates.

These people are given to the customers of staffing companies for short periods and tasks ranging from sorting mail to running official errands. Most companies hire temporary workers because this provides them with flexibility and access to available skills. Therefore, it is unsurprising that 20% of temp workers identify schedule flexibility as a factor in their decision to work on a temporary or contract basis.  

  1. Temporary to Hire

This is also sometimes called a "temp-to-perm" job. For businesses, it's similar to hiring temporary workers, except that the client will choose a representative temporarily to evaluate the candidate's ability to think independently from the company's regular employees.

This wiggle room allows client companies to assess candidates' qualifications before hiring them permanently. The only downside is the candidate might move forward with their job search and accept a permanent position before you decide to hire them.

  1. Permanent Employment

Staffing firms offer permanent recruitment services to help businesses find permanent staff members committed to staying with the organization for the foreseeable future. These are the kinds of workers that staffing firms may provide businesses, and they are entitled to pay and qualified for all benefits the business provides. Companies are required by law to provide certain benefits to these employees, including tax breaks, sick pay, retirement benefits, and so on.

What are the Fees Charged by Staffing Agencies?

Staffing firms usually charge 25 percent to 100 percent of the gross salary paid to the recruited person. Therefore, if you and the recruiting firm agreed on a markup of 50% and the freshly hired worker receives an hourly rate of $10, you will have to pay the agency $15 per hour for their labor. This is because the agreement only binds you and the staffing agency.

If you decide to hire a temporary worker permanently, you may have to pay more than the markup.

Why Partner With a Staffing Agency?

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Selecting a Reno staffing agency might be crucial for your business because of the advantages their services offer. In today's highly competitive industries, the expertise provided by staffing agencies can bring significant benefits to most companies. Surprisingly, 67% of hiring managers believe that the utilization of advanced technology sets staffing agencies apart. Additionally, 77% of HR professionals plan to increase their reliance on staffing agencies in the next five years.

Staffing agencies offer valuable services that benefit both job seekers and businesses seeking to fill open positions. These agencies assist businesses in recruiting and hiring temporary workers through various services, including applicant screening, job posting, interview coordination, and benefits coordination. By leveraging staffing services, businesses can efficiently find and onboard temporary workers well-suited for the available positions. Similarly, job seekers can take advantage of staffing agencies to connect with suitable job opportunities and increase their chances of finding temporary employment that aligns with their skills and preferences.

Wrapping Up

Before entering into an agreement with a staffing agency, employers and employees must have a comprehensive understanding of the agency's terms and conditions, as well as the obligations and rights applicable to all parties involved.

If any of the services offered by Micone Staffing are of particular importance to your business, we encourage you to contact us without delay. We are here to help and address any inquiries you may have.

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