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Micone Staffing Resources, with a legacy of over 25 years in the staffing industry, provides comprehensive recruiting, staffing, and HR consulting services with offices in Las Vegas and Reno. Our approach is twofold: empowering employers with effective staffing solutions and guiding job seekers to the next successful role in their career.



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Mike Micone

Founder & CEO
Las Vegas / Reno

At Micone Staffing Resources, we believe in providing direct, top-tier access to our clients. That's why we offer you the unique opportunity to connect with our CEO – a visionary leader with over 25 years of unparalleled experience in the staffing and recruiting industry.

Why Speak with Our CEO?

  • In-Depth Industry Knowledge: Benefit from insights gathered over two and a half decades in staffing, giving you an edge in your recruitment strategies.
  • Personalized Approach: Every business is unique, and effective staffing solutions are no different. Our CEO takes a tailored approach to understand and meet your specific needs.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Forge a direct relationship with our leadership, ensuring a partnership that's aligned with your business goals.

About Micone Staffing Resources

Our dedicated team of staffing account managers & experienced recruiters enables us to select the most talented candidates for different job roles across various verticals. For this, we follow a stringent selection procedure where the candidates are screened on various qualifications in order to meet the requirements of the hiring companies.

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Home Means NEVADA

With teams in Las Vegas and Reno we are able to effectively support clients and candidates where they need us most. Have a position that needs to be filled? Connect with our agency’s top staffing experts in your city.

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Las Vegas
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Why Micone?

We’ve risen to the top by working on a personal level and cultivating relationships that last well beyond the fulfillment of staffing assignments or candidates.

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Mike Micone
CEO of Micone Staffing


We believe in the power of knowledge and strive to enhance accessibility to real-world solutions that drive meaningful change and empower ambitious professionals seeking guidance.

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