Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Staffing Solution in Reno

6 Jun 2023
5 min read

On-site human resources staff have a lot on their plates beyond just recruitment.  

What's wrong with this?  

Some projects won't get the time and energy they need. Consequently, it is optimal to outsource talent acquisition to a recruiting agency. However, determining which staffing firm best suits your needs can take time.

Every potential hire, whether a brand-new intern or an experienced executive, can lead your business to its ultimate high or, in certain tragic circumstances, to its lowest lows.  

As a result, the employees you hire must reflect your company's values. But if you work in human resources, you already know that much harder to pull off than to say.

But don't fret.  

This blog provides 10 tips to help you partner with a top-rated staffing agency in Reno.

1. Determine Your Company's Specific Needs

When talking to a possible Reno staffing service, be as straightforward about what you want from them as possible. Need someone to fill in for a while? Long-term? Permanently? Or is it a role between these two? In addition, please communicate any special needs, like state or federal background checks.

Verify that the agency's employment priorities correspond to the kinds of candidates you intend to recruit. If you're hoping to fill permanent positions, you should look beyond the temp agency Reno offers that specializes in placing temporary workers.

You may be searching for seasonal workers to assist with an upcoming promotion, temporary workers for regular employees who are out sick or on vacation, or permanent staff to fill open jobs at the company's entry-, mid-, or senior-level roles.  

Knowing exactly what you're looking for in terms of talent will help you choose the ideal recruitment firm, no matter how close or far away they may be.

2. Treat the Agency Like a Candidate

Understanding whether or not the agency can deliver the types of people you're seeking is crucial. To do so, you must scrutinize the staffing firm like you would a potential employee. You can quickly gauge whether or not they can fulfill your requirements in this way.  

You can ask them things like:  

  • "Does your talent pool have the candidates I need"  
  • "How long will it take to find the right candidate for me?"  
  • "What preliminary screening will you conduct to identify the right applicant?"  

These questions will help you pinpoint whether they're a good fit.

In other words, selecting a staffing agency Reno is similar to choosing a business partner. As your company expands, you will have a greater demand for the staffing agency's services in terms of personnel and assistance.  

Your company's values and the agency's work culture must be compatible. So ensure they can give you the talent and staff you'll need as your business grows.

3. Determine their Core Specialization

While some staffing companies specialize in particular areas, others cover the entire spectrum of industries. If the ones you're closing in on are general staffing agencies that serve clients in various sectors, you should proceed with caution. Investigate their team structure, previous clients, and specialized account managers to see whether they fit your needs.

Nowadays, staffing firms specialize in locating workers who fit a given industry or function. Some agencies can fill open executive jobs with qualified candidates, while others have the expertise to handle large-scale hiring demands.

Check the fundamental competencies of the employment firm you've selected to see if they match your short- and long-term requirements.

4. Understand the Onboarding And Hiring Process

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The need to rapidly fulfill the company's workforce demands is at the heart of outsourcing hiring and onboarding new employees. For instance, some agencies use artificial intelligence to streamline and simplify the paperwork involved in the onboarding process.  

Additionally, automated dashboards make it possible to track data and changes in areas such as staff attendance, remuneration, remote preference, and more. You should be familiar with the staffing agency's hiring approach if you want a smooth hiring and onboarding process.

You should check with your staffing agencies Reno on things like:

  • How do they find people to work?
  • What kind of screenings have they already conducted?
  • Do they interact with the candidates and ask them questions?
  • What methods do they use as evidence that the candidate shares the organization's ethos and objectives?
  • How do they make filling out paperwork and joining the company easier?

Overall, a recruitment agency will likely give you favorable outcomes cost-effectively and in a shorter time if it appropriately leverages different talent search platforms, outdoor talent outreach techniques, social channels, and digital marketing to reach applicants.

5. Check The Market Edge

It's a tough world out there. Staffing firms need to meet various criteria to differentiate themselves in the market, given the large number of applicants currently available and the increasing number of businesses producing new and specialized roles.

Some inquiries that you ought to make are:

  • Can you describe the agency's unique selling points?
  • How does the pricing compare to similar offerings in the market?
  • Can you tell me if this employment firm also offers temporary benefits, complying, training, payroll solutions, and assistance with skills onboarding?

Answering these and similar questions can help gauge the staffing firm's efficiency.

6. Review the Service Excellence
A dedicated staffing organization will ensure the applicants they send to your business bring real value. They must regularly contact your management or HR department to determine whether the prospects fulfill your performance standards.  

This aspect of staff agencies comprises employees that maintain regular communication with their customers to evaluate the work of their staff.  

Also, to figure out how good a hiring service is, you should look to see if they are:

  • Open about regulations and procedures.  
  • Fulfilling agreements and meeting deadlines
  • Responding promptly to complaints

7. Make Sure You Ask About Any Retention Fees

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When you find the right hire and send out the offer letter, you've done about 20% of the work. This occurs 35% of the time when the person accepts DOJ and is present at work on the day it takes effect.  

The other 45%, arguably the most crucial, is keeping the same worker on board for the duration of the project or contract. Find out what the staff retention rates are like in your sector and the overall retention rate for other industries.  

This represents one of the essential factors to evaluate when determining the level of expertise the employment agency offers.

Micone Staffing has been a frontrunner in the competitive recruiting and staffing market thanks to the quality of its services, its longevity, and its high percentage of client retention. Micone Staffing is here to help you with everything from figuring out the HR department's goals and needs to finding talented people who work well and stay with the company through good and bad times.

8. Consider the Agency's Location

Even if your company's headquarters are in Reno, you'll likely need to look to cities like Denver, New York, Washington, or Chicago to fill out your team. Does your staffing agency have a physical presence in key locations around the US to assist with talent acquisition in each of your key markets?  

Find out how many recruiters are at your chosen location. Also, remember to find out how often they deployed workers into specific markets in the past.

9. Understand Staffing Agency's Fee/Rate Structure

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Agency fees range between 20-30% of a candidate's first year's salary for direct hire roles. Typically, "compensation" refers only to paycheck, but you should confirm that the agency's fee calculation does not include prospective bonuses or commissions.  

The positive aspect is that you may negotiate the charge quite easily because most agencies would be accommodating to earn your business, especially if you need to fill many positions.  

Workers' compensation insurance and employer taxes affect the cost of temp-to-hire and temporary roles depending on the hiring company and job. When evaluating different agencies' prices, ensure you compare similar service packages and receive your money's worth.

10. Read Previous Client Reviews

You should investigate the agency's background, expertise, and specializations in the recruitment sector, as well as its brand reputation, business practices, social media presence, testimonials, and client list (occasionally, the entire client list is confidential due to rival agencies).  

To access the list, you must either interact with the agency and request it or plan a call by sending an inquiry.

A long list of clients indicates that the recruitment firm has been in business for several years and has a list of notable clients, including some of your competitors.  

You must check if you can contact a current client of the recruiting company to ask them some questions about the company's "Service thus far, dependability, competence, efficacy, closure times, talent quality, & other relevant inquiries."

Trust the Pros, Not Luck

When a business is young, its leaders often feel fortunate to have stumbled across the ideal employees. In subsequent years, they realized that coincidence had nothing to do with their success

Each applicant has goals that may or may not fit the organization's long-term vision. But if your company has a good culture and works with a good staffing service, you can ensure that the best people always come in to work for you.

Remember, every business deserves the best staffing service and tools. Regardless of where you currently source your employees, Micone Staffing can help!

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