Understanding The Differences: Staffing Agency Vs. Temp Agency in Las Vegas

6 Jun 2023
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Job hunting is a time-consuming process. It takes a lot of work—so much work that it almost passes for a job itself—to research organizations, identify open positions that fit your talents, and craft your résumé and application.

What if you could do everything in one place, or "one-stop-shop"? If you can't get your dream job immediately, you could find a gig to keep some cash flowing.  

You've probably heard of organizations that specialize in helping people get jobs, such as staffing firms or temp staffing agencies. Many people ask if they are merely two different names for one thing. Actually, they're not!

Let's explore the distinctions between a staffing agency and a temp agency and how they may enable you to find work based on whether you have long-term or short-term ambitions.

What is a Staffing Agency?

Staffing agencies, also known as recruitment firms or employment agencies, is a business that works with both employers and job seekers to fill open positions. They benefit employers and employees because they can choose from a large pool of qualified applicants and a wide range of available positions.

To save time and money, businesses often team up with recruitment agencies to handle their ongoing staffing requirements. A quicker hiring process and lower turnover rate are the long-term benefits of having a team devoted entirely to searching, evaluating, interviewing, and sometimes even background checks.

Depending on the agency's goals, its recruiters may specialize in a narrow field or vice versa. If a business wants to fill a specific position with the best candidate possible, it should work with a specialized staffing firm.

What is a Temp Agency?

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Comparable to a recruitment agency, a temp agency (standing for "temporary employment agency") connects potential employers with qualified job applicants. Workers seeking seasonal, temporary, or part-time positions should contact temp agencies. Employees may be contracted for a "temp-to-hire" position for three to six months. The employee is qualified for full-time employment by the time the contract ends.

When a firm has ad-hoc projects or variable workloads that call for a few different hands, they may partner with one of the many temp agencies Las Vegas has to offer that answers urgent and short-term needs.  

This may occur if their workload fluctuates seasonally, output spikes at certain times of the year, or there is a brief surge in demand for their goods or services. Another scenario when contract workers can prove helpful is when an employee is on medical or maternal leave.

What Are the Main Differences Between Staffing And Temp Agencies?  
Here are the two critical distinctions between temp agencies and staffing firms:

  1. Short-term vs. Long-term jobs

Temp Agencies:

Temp agencies hire people to do just that: temporary work. They provide temporary assignments that typically last between one day and one week. Oftentimes, employees are transferred to multiple employment sites daily. Candidates must complete one-off tasks, seasonal responsibilities, or urgent, day-to-day tasks.

Temp agencies typically aim to fill a company's immediate requirements. Naturally, their clients are businesses in the manufacturing or warehousing sectors with seasonal or peak demand for temporary workers. Hence, jobs advertised by temp firms tend to be low-skilled and non-production related.  

Staffing Agencies:

A staffing company also provides temporary contract work. However, they provide a wider variety of alternatives, including lengthier assignments, than a Las Vegas temp agency. As outlined below, jobs might be short-term, long-term, contract, or permanent.  

Temporary: Temporary positions are typically relatively brief. They often are light industrial and entry-level jobs.


These jobs typically provide an initial trial of up to 90 days, within which the company and the applicant can determine whether or not they are a good fit for one another.


Contract work is typically shorter-term and more technical than temporal ones. Their duration varies but is often under a year.  


The company immediately hires the applicant for a long-term position in these jobs.  

Jobs of all kinds are available through staffing agencies. Engineering, light industrial, administrative, and managerial sectors are just a few of the many served by these agencies. Even their temporary jobs have the potential for extension or career growth.

  1. Best Fit vs. Quick Placement:
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Temporary Agencies

Clients of temp companies need to hire for open jobs as soon as possible. For them, the "right time" is more important than the "right person."

Since hiring agencies need to find jobs for people quickly, their interviews tend to be quick and not very in-depth. They want to ensure you have the talents necessary to succeed in the role, but they are looking to pair you with something other than a job that's a great fit.  

While temp agencies can get you hired quickly, the jobs they find you aren't always ideal and often don't lead to permanent positions.

Staffing Agencies

Employment agencies give more weight to a candidate's experience and skills. Job descriptions are not cookie-cutter with most recruitment firms.  

Their objective is to secure you a suitable position. Therefore, the interview procedure is typically more extensive and drawn out. They will probe your background with detailed questions designed to gauge your qualifications.  

In general, staffing agencies want to find the best possible match between their clients' needs and those of their candidates. Other important distinctions between a staffing company and a temp agency for job-seekers and employers to be aware of are:

Hiring a recruitment firm may help your career because it offers access to a large database of candidates and job openings. Employers use staffing firms to cut costs and gain access to desirable candidates.

They are incentivized to place you in a job because of the compensation they receive for doing so. However, consider it thoroughly before feeling rushed into accepting an offer.

When looking for temporary work, temp agencies are the way to go. Businesses often use temp agencies to find workers for temporary or seasonal roles and one-time projects.

You can gain experience in other fields and find last-minute work through a temp agency. But you will likely not receive the benefits of a permanent position and should only view this as an interim solution.

When should job seekers work with a staffing company instead of a temp agency?

If you've been looking for work for some time and require assistance, you could contact a staffing agency if you're serious about landing your dream job. According to data compiled by Jobvite in 2020 and 2021, just 30% of candidates who begin the recruitment process through internal recruiters finish it. According to the same source, applications to employment firms have increased from people asking for their assistance and services.

Recruitment firms are experts in human resources, so they often know which industries are doing well and how the job market is doing. It's equivalent to having a friend in high places who can help you get an inside peek at the hiring process and lobby on your behalf.  

Additionally, given their extensive client base and professional ties, they are privy to job openings that aren't necessarily advertised elsewhere.

Because recruiters are frequently compensated per hire (by your prospective employer), they are equally keen for you to secure a position, if not more. They will support you in getting paid what you are worth because their commission is typically a part of your compensation.  

But on the flip side, you shouldn't feel coerced into the wrong position because a recruiter needs their commission.

If you're looking for work but need more time to settle down, a temp agency may be the way to go. Perhaps you're undecided between career paths and want to check out a few different professions before committing to one.  

Some temp agencies promote temporary work with a "try before you buy" philosophy for their client companies. Thus, candidates can learn a lot from this approach. You can explore other fields by taking up temporary work to discover if you would enjoy them.  

Which One is Best?

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It all depends.

Depending on your circumstances, a staffing or temp agency could be a helpful ally in your job quest. The trick is to recognize the benefits of each one. Then, pick an agency that provides services consistent with your needs.  

  • Use a Temp Service if any of the following apply to you:  
  • You have to get hired right away.
  • You're eager for quick cash and willing to accept any offer that comes your way.  
  • You want to get some "seat time" in a particular industry.  
  • You desire to gain experience rapidly.  
  • You're looking to fill vacancies in the workforce.

Use the services of a staffing agency if:

  • Choosing the ideal fit is essential for you.  
  • You desire to choose from a broader range of positions.  
  • You're looking to switch fields or advance your current profession.
  • You want a job that won't change every few months.
  • You'd like promotions in your next position.

Regardless of your decision, ensure that you work with a reputable agency that provides adequate job search assistance. There are more than 12,554 staffing and temp agencies in the United States. Nevertheless, you will find success with only some of them.  

These days, it's not uncommon to find an agency that combines features once reserved for a specific domain, such as staffing and temp work. To meet the demands of local businesses, agencies often diversify their offerings in smaller regions.  

However, staffing firms increasingly focus on long-term placements and short-term client demands. Remember, companies are best served by a recruitment firm that can fill permanent and temporary roles, from entry-level to management, without hassle.  

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