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Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
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Mike Micone
Founder & CEO
Team Member Bio
Mike is a progressive and disciplined entrepreneur who has artfully developed and sold three successful businesses...
Driven by a passion to help entrepreneurs and business leaders, Mike has extensive experience working with staffing professionals and specializes in the design, development, and implementation of relevant business solutions. Mike has staffed over 5,000 companies since 1996 and has built three successful staffing agencies. The current Micone team he hand picked is as experienced and passionate as he is. He takes pride in doing what is promised, and producing the results in a timely manner. This foundation is what he attributes to the company’s success. It has also earned him the SBA’s (Small Business Associations) Small Business Person of the Year award as well as the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 award. Mike has honed his skills leading by example and working as a hands on leader. He has built and trained internal staffing for Fortune 100 companies all over the world. He attributes much of his success to his affiliation with EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) where continues his involvement as a sponsor and board member in the Reno-Tahoe chapter.

Mike has served on many executive boards, committees and non-profit organizations, including the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, President of the Community Council, Small Business Advisory Council and the Construction Financial Management Association, Nevada Society of Leukemia and currently the Executive Director of Spinal Injury Recovery Foundation.

Mike played professional football in the European Football League for a year and was Captain of the Drakkar Noir by Paris, France. His hard work and dedicated athlete mentality have proven successful in helping build companies through advanced staffing and recruiting efforts.
Vijay Yadav
Team Member Bio
As a recruiter, Vijay’s passion lies in connecting talented individuals with the right job
With years of experience in the industry, he has honed his skills in identifying top
talent and matching them with companies that will help them achieve their career goals. He
prides himself on being a strategic thinker and a problem solver, always working to find
innovative solutions to complex hiring challenges.
Stephany Rinaldi
VP of Operations and Client Development
Team Member Bio
Stephany is a dynamic operations leader with a proven track record of fostering results and fostering growth. She is renowned for thought leadership, innovative ideas, and an unwavering ability to inspire individuals. Her expertise is in streamlining operations, optimizing processes, and delivering outstanding performance...
Stephany's resourcefulness and networking prowess go beyond the ordinary. She leverages existing client relationships, unleashing her go-getter spirit to forge robust connections. Fearlessly engaging with clients, she cultivates enduring bonds that drive exponential growth. Stephany's relentless dedication ensures no opportunity is missed on her path to business success.
With a keen eye for detail and an analytical mindset, Stephany excels at identifying and resolving complex business challenges. She employs strategic thinking to develop innovative solutions, driving efficiency and overcoming obstacles with ease.
Stephany's customer-centric mindset sets her apart. She is committed to delivering exceptional service and tailoring solutions to meet client needs. Her ability to understand customer pain points and provide personalized support ensures long-lasting relationships and customer satisfaction.
Stephany thrives in dynamic environments, adapting quickly to changing circumstances. She embraces new technologies, industry trends, and market shifts, staying ahead of the curve to seize opportunities and navigate challenges effectively.
A natural communicator, Stephany possesses exceptional verbal and written communication skills. She articulates ideas clearly, listens attentively, and builds strong rapport with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, fostering effective collaboration and achieving mutual understanding.
Driven by a passion for achieving results, Stephany consistently exceeds expectations. She sets ambitious goals, develops actionable plans, and diligently executes them, delivering tangible outcomes and driving business growth. Her determination and focus ensure successful project completion and outstanding performance.
Mona Rechumorieh
Executive Recruiter
Team Member Bio
Specializing in executive recruiting, Mona immerses themselves in the refined art of identifying and securing top-tier executives for discerning organizations...
Their approach is marked by an exquisite blend of strategic insight, meticulous research, and a bespoke touch that ensures each placement is not merely a match, but a harmonious fusion of talent and corporate vision. With an exclusive network and a dedication to exceeding expectations, they curate transformative partnerships that elevate both the executive's career trajectory and the organization's strategic direction to unprecedented heights of success and sophistication.
Athena Vicino
Senior Recruiter
Email: athena@miconestaffing.com
Team Member Bio
Athena's experience in recruitment and talent acquisition successfully sources, interviews, and onboards top-tier talent across various disciplines, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives and cultural fit. Leveraging a strategic approach to recruitment.
Isabella Micone
Client Specialist
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Our Story

Micone Staffing Resources continues to grow because we love what we do, and it shows. Since 1996, we’ve provided exceptional staffing services, earning us a spot among the best executive firms in the United States. We’ve risen to the top by working on a personal level and cultivating relationships that last well beyond the fulfillment of staffing assignments or candidate placements. Our ultimate goal is to help your company grow well. By doing what we do best, you can continue to do what you do best. The Micone recipe for success: First, we invest the time it takes to follow a stringent selection process where candidates are meticulously screened in order to meet—and often exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations. We interview our clients thoroughly so that each opportunity can become our next success story. And thanks to the added benefit of decades of extensive technological backgrounds of our Executive Recruiters, we ab-solutely excel at staffing, making us a valuable extension of your company. Our focus on helping perpetuate bright futures is the reason Micone Staffing Resources received the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Circle of Excellence Award.

We are proud to offer professional staffing and recruiting services for Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Executives, Sales and Marketing.

We are...

These are our core strengths, which we use to build longstanding relationships with our clients and our candidates. Not coincidentally, these same strengths guide us to connect outstanding companies with outstanding, highly qualified professionals. When you have a passion for developing creative solutions like we do, it’s easy to see why some of the top companies have worked with Micone for more than twenty years, and counting. We look forward to partnering with you.

Our Process


Intake call – We want to learn everything about you and the company


Sourcing – We source from everywhere you can imagine, looking for both active and passive candidates. We have built an amazing database of 1 million candidates to gets fast results.  We constantly hear, “Wow, you guys are fast. How do you find these people?”


Prescreening – Our prescreening process is thorough. We don’t rush through the interview, instead we dig deep, score and benchmark each candidate based on the skills and culture fit. Then you will see the resume.


Submitting candidates – We provide all of the data we have collected on a candidate, so when we submit them, you have all the information you need


Interviewing – We can help you schedule the interview. After the interview, we want to hear: Do you like the candidate? How can we tweak our search to better fit your needs? What are the next steps?


Offers accepted – We pre-close the candidate so once the offer letter is delivered, it’s an immediate acceptance.  We coach a candidate through giving notice. Additionally, we help them navigate through the offer process to the start date.

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