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Finding the right talent is one of the biggest challenges every company faces. Micone Staffing Resources augments your company‘s internal resources by providing the bandwidth necessary to optimize your staffing goals. When we partner with you, we take our role very personally, seeing ourselves as an extension of your company. We invest the time necessary to completely understand your company’s culture and the skills required to fill your position. We purposely work with a smaller number of companies to ensure successful connections and client satisfaction. We are inherently efficient and effective, both of which are key to landing the best candidates to fill your critical hiring needs. Our team approach and thorough processes allow us to identify the best suited candidates for each specific position. Our competitive nature drives us to go the extra mile to provide the best possible professional service.

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Services We Offer

Contract Staffing

We build teams. We can build a customized team by tapping into our vast resources to meet your strict deadlines. We give you the control to then complete your projects in a timely manner, manage FTEs costs, and stay within your budget. We find our clients the proper candidate with the right skill set to fill your staffing needs and timelines.

Permanent Staffing

Our clients rely on our ability to directly recruit the most talented candidates from the market. By establishing clear expectations, we create a process and achieve a complete understanding of your position, company, and internal culture. You can depend on our team and extensive network of quality candidates to fill your direct hire needs.

Our Areas of Expertise


Executive recruiting for critical C-level positions is where Micone Staffing began more than 20 years ago, and is one of the cornerstones of our business today. Day in and day out, we seek out the candidates who will bring the most to the table because that’s what our clients expect from Micone Staffing. Accordingly, our screening process is as rigorous as it is successful. Our clients range from Fortune 100 and public sector companies to small businesses and start-ups.

Accounting and Finance

Senior Finance and Accounting executives must meet exceptionally high standards of trustworthiness and character in today’s landscape of increased corporate scrutiny. For more than 20 years, Micone Staffing has been delivering professional candidates to Fortune 100 companies, small businesses and public sector companies. Our team of experienced recruiters listen to our clients’ needs, and then rise to every challenge.

Accounting and Finance positions we support include: CFO’s, VP’s, Directors - Accounting & Finance, Audit, SEC, Staff Accountants, Controllers

Information Technology

Information Technology continues to amaze and change our world. Our candidates are extremely talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and knowledge in mobile applications, social media and other quickly evolving areas. We introduce only the most dynamic candidates—the ones who keep their finger on the pulse of ever-changing technology and are team players. What makes Micone Staffing so successful in making connections is recognizing that while great technical skills are very important, so, too, is the matching of key interpersonal soft skills that ensure our candidates are a great fit.

Information Technology positions we support include: CIO’s, VP’s, Directors, Project Managers, Software Engineers/Developers and Business Intelligence / Reporting / Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Dev Ops, Solution Architects, Mobile Engineers and Data Warehousing

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales must be looked at from a global perspective and approached holistically. Candidates who have this perspective as well as a complete understanding of today’s marketing outlets are a rare breed. Our recruiters in this field have an acute understanding of the modern marketing campaign and how to build the story of a brand. Finding that blend of personality and expertise, and aligning them with the proper client, is a gratifying process.

Marketing and Sales positions we support include: CMO’s, VP’s, Director and Manager of Sales/Marketing, Technology Sales, Food & Beverage Sales


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